Confused Hearts Weep a Lot

Here I stand, with your dearest coffee in my hand, between the mess of this city that never sleeps and the mess in my heart. You were the spring that slowly creeped in all my weathers. The memories don’t fade and your smell doesn’t leave. Those hazel brown eyes of yours keep haunting me and that sea-salt like taste of your lips is not letting me eat. You decide to be the falling star that suddenly disappears because I was confused about my wishes. But now there are no wishes left, all I have is your voice echoing in my ears and a freshly learnt lesson of choosing one or loosing all.


Before the sun sets, let’s find some love

Love that has entrapped all, from poets to politicians, they say , it comes in all forms but how seriously have we taken this? I see people waiting for true love because for most of the times falling in love is taken as a synonym to entering into a romantic relationship.

Most of the times when we hear this line all we can interpret is that we can romance anyone, older than us or younger, a foreigner or a villager but is that all?.. does this line not hold a meaning beyond this and more deeper than this, don’t we love our family,our pets, our friends our home, we do.. but we fail to express it especially after entering into a romantic relationship because then in order to grow a newly found relation we forget to water the others.

There is so much more ‘love’ has in store to give us . Just try to stop looking for it in a boy or a girl and then it will be there, everywhere.

It’s there in the bird that visits your house daily , it’s there in the dog who follows you everyday when you go for a walk , it’s there in that one person who never forgets to give a smile when he or she sees you , it’s there in the silly arguments that you have with your siblings it’s there in you . It’s everywhere in your life, so, as they say, what has to come will come.. someday we’ll all find someone who will share our love for dance rather than judge our moves , who will know how to fulfill all the promises and who’ll respect us the way we are but till then let’s stop waiting for love of our life to come and start looking at the love in our life . Let’s live, let’s enjoy each and every moment or should I say each and every breath so that there are no regrets left.